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Impressive Durability Features That are Offered By the 2018 Ram 3500

Among heavy-duty pickup trucks, the 2018 Ram 3500 offers some of the best durability features its class. Not only does the heavy-duty truck offer the rugged and stylish appeal that is typically seen in Ram trucks, but it also provides the impressive towing capability. Are you interested in the 2018 Ram 3500? If so, please read further.

The new heavy-duty truck comes with a 50,000-PSI steel frame. Ram designed the frame to maintain optimal strength by using the front cross-members and rear rail contours to hold the mounts and suspension pieces in place securely.

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Jeep Renegade Makes a Bold Statement on the Road

Are you looking for a subcompact SUV with a rugged exterior? The popular Jeep Renegade fits the bill with exterior styling that's ideal for urban adventure on the streets of Raleigh. From the deep-tinted glass that will protect your privacy to the available black wrap-around roof, the Renegade makes a definitive statement wherever you go on your journeys.

Add a retractable panel sunroof and you'll enjoy true open-air driving on warm and sunny days. You'll also have your choice of 16-inch or 17-inch aluminum wheels that will further enhance your Renegade's style and personality...

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Easy Guide on How to Jump Start Another Car

While most drivers prefer to avoid falling victim to a dead battery, it’s crucial to know what to do when the moment arises. To jump-start another car, you are going to need some thick gloves, jumper cables, and safety goggles. Bring the two cars together, nose-to-nose. Turn off the engine and the car lights. Open the hood, locate both battery compartments, unravel the jumper cables.

Attach the red positive from one end to the good battery, do the same to the bad battery. Attach the black negative to negative on the good battery. Use the remaining black clamp to…

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How to Jack Up Your Car

The jack used to elevate your flat tire off the surface is usually a screw jack. Screw jacks use a screw mechanism to pull the two sides of the jack together, forcing the head of the jack higher with each twist of the mechanism. The handle used to twist the screw is bent in the middle creating a hand-hold that provides more power per stroke. Some drivers, aware of the eccentricities of a screw jack, store hydraulic jacks to use instead.

Regardless of the type of jack you use, consult your owner’s manual to locate the correct positions under…

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Make Sure You Vehicle Is Properly Aligned For Smooth Performance

Maintaining your car in proper alignment is one of the most important steps you can take to ensuring its safe operation. Vehicles that start to fall out of alignment may exhibit the steering wheel pulling to one side, a shimmying sensation or a noticeable vibration, particularly at high speeds. While these signs may seem innocuous, they are often harbingers of bad things to come.


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Do You Know Which Oil Type Your Vehicle Requires?

Your vehicle's oil, as you may know, is a vital component to keeping it working a peak efficiency. All oil isn't the same, so understanding the differences in oil types is important. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the oil in your vehicle has the proper viscosity.


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Play It Safe In The Winter - Keep Your Gas Tank Full!

Living on a budget can sometimes mean skimping on basic needs. Unfortunately, in the winter months when you decide to keep only the necessary amount of gas in your tank you put the car at risk of damage. Keeping a full tank of gas during winter months is an important task, because if you don’t, the gas tank may freeze.


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Fines or Fatalities Result From Not Moving Over

Statistics indicate nearly 200 roadside workers annually are injured or killed in the line of duty according to the National Traffic Incident Coalition. Moreover, the National Governor's Highway Safety Commission recommends increased public awareness of move over laws in each of the 50 states to help address the issue. In a survey conducted by the Mason Dixon Polling Service, findings show over 70 percent of Americans were unfamiliar with move over laws.


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Tips for Holiday Travel Success

As the holidays roll around, you can bet that there will inevitably be many more people on the road than usual. If you're one of those holiday travelers, then you know that holiday travel can lead to a little bit of stress.

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All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive

Depending on the type of road surface that you drive on most frequently, you may want to pay attention to the vehicles you are looking at and find out if they come with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Depending on what comes standard, you may want one or the other.

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