Safe Driving Techniques Around Bicyclists

Let's face it. You are probably going to encounter bicyclists on the road in Raleigh or somewhere else when you are driving. We at Westgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram have provided some tips on what to do around bicyclists when they are on the road with you.

Bicyclists do have the right to use the road and travel on it just like you do when you are driving around in a car. Therefore, treat bicyclists with respect and give them plenty of space. Keep a distance from them and don't get too close to them just because they are not another vehicle.

Slowing down when you are around bicyclists is a great idea. Pass them only when you have enough space on the side and in front of them. It is also a good idea to assume that bicyclists may not necessarily be aware of you. They may be distracted or unable to see or hear you. This means you should be extra careful around them.



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