If you open a car's hood, you'll notice several belts that are connected to important components. Made of steel and other durable materials, the belts play critical roles in the overall performance of a vehicle. For example, these installations keep an alternator running properly when the engine completes combustion. Belts also control the timing of important cycles in the cylinders and valves of an engine block. Improper tension in the belts may lead to serious problems in the powertrain. Even worse, worn-out components might snap suddenly during a high-speed drive on the highway. You'll probably lose control of a car after such a common mechanical failure.

Fortunately, Westgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram offers a wide range of automotive repairs, including the replacements of faulty timing belts. This dealership also performs extensive diagnostics on the entire powertrain, which greatly depends on proper operations of belts, pulleys and other interconnected systems under the hood.



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