It’s Time for an Essential Service Appointment for the Winter Season

Winter is officially here in Raleigh! It’s time to think about your car’s battery and determine how much life is left to continue to start your engine during the next few months.

The cold cranking amperage of the battery determines the starting power available. And it’s important to know if you have a healthy battery that will sustain the winter months. The cold cranking power takes into account the electrical components that are loaded onto the battery such as the radio, lights and windshield wipers. However, at any given moment a battery’s cranking power can be limited by age or exceeding its lifespan. At any given moment the limits of a battery can be reached.

Manufacturers work diligently to get car batteries to coincide with the life expectancy, but there are occasions when this does not occur.

Westgate Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram recommends that you have a battery diagnosis at your earliest convenience. Service appointments are available!
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